Sad but looking forward

Tonight was my second to last pick-up from day care. In other words, after almost 5 years, we are moving on to kindergarten. I am looking forward to Elsie being in school so close to home (we are literally next door).  I have already signed her up for the afterschool program and honestly I am a bit jealous. Monday she will have yoga, Tuesday is art, Wednesday is music, Thursday is myths and legends and Friday is Legos. 

But it is a change. And needless to say, Elsie is a bit nervous, sad etc. 

Unfortunately one of her teachers got confused and thought today was her last day.  So lots of teachers were saying goodbye and she was getting upset. When I picked her up, I cleared it up but she got upset again. Ran into the bathroom and hid in a closet to cry. Poor kid. 

I am not looking forward to tomorrow and our REAL last day. 

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It’s all about perspective…

Scene: middle of the night. 

Myself, Elsie and two cats are in my queen size bed. Elsie has herself as close to me as she can get, leaving me about 6″ of bed space. 
Elsie, suddenly out of no where, mumbles in a half-sleep state, ‘Can you move over?’

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Elsie and I are back on site today. We are trying (again) to erect the tower crane. Elsie is not thrilled to be here. This the following conversation…

E: Mom, can’t someone else do your job?

Me: No. Who do you think could do my job?

E: A garbage man?  A homeless person?

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I did it!!

I completed my first sprint triathlon since having Elsie. According to the racing bib I took off my belt, the last race was in 2010!  When I thought of having a child, I dreamed of crossing the finish line with him/her. 5 years in the making, it finally happened!!

The race itself went pretty much as I expected. Swim was great and fast (in the top 5 of my wave out of the water), bike was good (45 min for 12 miles which is exactly what I expected) and then I fell apart on the run. As usual.  But I wasn’t the last across the finish line. 😏

I had the BEST cheering squad ever!!  I am so impressed with Stephanie that not only did she manage to entertain two kids, but got them to the sidelines to cheer me at every transition. 

A kiss at the bike-to-run transition

Crossing the finish line with Elsie and her half-brother.

The best cheering squad EVER!

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Another good one…

Elsie and I were driving up to the CT shore today. We are spending a long weekend with her half brother, Brady and his mom. During the drive we were chatting about the weekend…

E: So we each have our own hotel rooms?

M: Yes. We will have a room and Stephanie and Brady will have a room. That way if we need a little quiet we can go to our own room. 

E: Yeah, momma. You know, momma, you never get any quiet because you are always with me. 

Truer words were never spoken!😀

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The things she says…

 ‘Mommy, Do we have a fire extinguisher in (the apartment)?’
‘Mommy, you cannot cry and whine while you eat, you’ll choke.’
‘Mommy, you know bones turn to rocks when there is no skin on them and they are dead. Pause you know if there were no bones humans could not walk and there’d be no rocks.’

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Watching TV

Isn’t this how you watch tv too?!

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